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Download These Travel Apps For Your Italy Trip

Travel with ease using our favorite Italy-specific apps.

We’ve found your digital allies for everything Italy: from the best pizza in Cinque Terre, to the Roma Termini schedule, to a guide through the vineyards of Northern Italy, all at your fingertips. These apps don’t just make life easier; they enrich your journey, bringing you closer to the heart of Italy. 

Here are the best iOS app store and Google Play apps, full of real-time information and things you didn’t even think you needed to know (like a dedicated WC app to find the nearest bathroom) to make the most of your Italian adventure.

Getting Around With Public Transportation

Train Apps

trentoitalia app logo

Trenitalia (Prontotreno): Official Italian Train App Trenitalia is the official app for navigating Italy’s extensive train network. Book tickets, view schedules, and receive real-time updates. Create an account for easier management of your journeys, and always check the app for any travel advisories or schedule changes before heading to the station.

italo app logo

Italo: High-Speed Train Travel Made Simple Italo app is your gateway to high-speed train travel across Italy. Book tickets, choose your seats, and access exclusive offers. Use the app to track the train’s status in real-time, and sign up for loyalty programs to earn points toward future travels.

trainline app logo

Trainline: Easy Train Ticket Booking Trainline simplifies train travel in Italy, offering schedules and ticket booking in one place. Compare prices and times across different operators and use the app to keep digital tickets handy. For smoother travel, set up alerts for your routes to stay informed about any changes.

Multi-Modal Public Transport Apps

moovit app logo

Moovit: Simplified Public Transportation Moovit is an essential tool for navigating public transit systems in Italian cities. It offers real-time bus and train schedules, alerts, and directions. Utilize its features to plan your route, find the nearest stop, and get estimated arrival times to travel like a local.

rome2rio app logo

Rome2rio: Multi-modal Travel Planning Made Simple Rome2rio shows all available transportation options between destinations in Italy. It helps in planning complex journeys, comparing costs, and travel times. For best use, input your exact start and end points, and consider all route options, including buses and ferries, for a comprehensive view.

omio app logo

Omio (formerly GoEuro): Omio is a travel booking app that lets you compare and book trains, buses, and flights across Europe, including Italy. Plan your intercity travels, check schedules, and purchase tickets all in one place. Use the app to track your journey and receive updates on delays or changes.

mycicero (mooneygo) app logo

MyCicero: The Ultimate Transport Companion MyCicero is an all-in-one transport app used for planning trips, booking tickets, and paying for parking in Italy. Integrate all your transport needs in one platform, and use the app to navigate the country’s transport system efficiently, from buses to trains and beyond.

Taxis + Rideshare Apps For Italy

freenow app logo for italy

FreeNow: Seamless Urban Transport FreeNow (formerly MyTaxi) offers a reliable way to book taxis and rides in Italian cities. Avoid language barriers and currency issues by booking and paying through the app. Track your ride’s arrival in real-time, and rate your experience post-journey to help improve the service.

it taxi app logo

itTaxi: itTaxi is the official app of the Italian taxi federation, offering a reliable way to book taxis across many cities in Italy, including Rome. Use it to estimate fares, book rides in advance, and find taxis nearby. Ensure you have a local or roaming data connection to book rides on the go.

Driving Apps for Italy 

easypark app logo

EasyPark: Hassle-Free Parking Solutions EasyPark simplifies parking in Italy’s crowded cities. It helps you find and pay for parking without the need for coins or local permits. To maximize its utility, use the app to locate the nearest parking space, set reminders for when your parking expires, and extend time remotely if you’re running late.

google maps app logo

Google Maps: The Ultimate Navigation Tool Ok, we know you know this one, but it is indispensable for navigating Italy’s winding streets and picturesque countryside. Its real-time updates and detailed maps ensure you never get lost. We’re including it here because not everyone knows you can download offline maps to use without an internet connection, pin your must-visit locations, and explore street views to familiarize yourself with the area before you arrive. 

radio italia app logo

Radio Italia: Enjoy Italian Music Anytime, Anywhere Radio Italia connects you with Italy’s vibrant music scene. Stream live radio stations and discover new Italian artists. If you have unlimited international plan, then blast the radio from your car. Use the app to create a vacation soundtrack or learn the language through music. Ensure you have a good data plan or connect to Wi-Fi to enjoy uninterrupted streaming.

Navigating The City

citymapper app logo

Citymapper: Efficient Urban Navigation Citymapper provides detailed routes and transport options in Italy’s major cities. It integrates public transport, walking, and cycling in each Italian city. Pin your accommodations and places of interest for quick access and use the app to navigate the city like a local, avoiding common tourist pitfalls.

wc rome app logo

WCRome (WC Rome): WCRome is a practical app for finding public restrooms in Rome. This can be particularly useful when exploring the city for long hours. Use the app to locate the nearest facilities, and check user reviews for cleanliness and accessibility. This is an essential tool for anyone wanting to navigate the city comfortably.

ridemovi app logo

RideMovi: Eco-Friendly Urban Mobility on Bikes & Scooters RideMovi provides access to shared bikes and scooters in Italian cities. It’s an eco-friendly way to explore and maneuver through busy streets. Use the app to locate, unlock, and pay for your ride, and enjoy the city from a different perspective.

we tap app logo for italy

WeTap: Public Water Fountain Locator WeTap is particularly useful in Italy, a country known for its potable public water. The app maps out public drinking fountains, helping you stay hydrated and reduce plastic waste. Use it to find the nearest fountains and refill your water bottle on the go.

bags parking app logo

BagsParking: Luggage Storage Solutions BagsParking is a handy app for finding secure luggage storage locations in Italy. Drop off your bags and explore the city unencumbered. The app lists verified storage points with reviews and ratings, ensuring you find a safe and convenient spot to stow your belongings.

radical storage app logo

Radical Storage (formerly BAGBNB): Radical Storage offers locations across Italy where you can safely store your luggage for a few hours or days. Use the app to find the nearest storage point, book a spot, and enjoy your time exploring the city bag-free. This service is especially handy for early arrivals or late departures when you can’t check into your accommodation yet.

Italy Trip Planning Apps

zonzo fox app logo

ZonzoFox: ZonzoFox is a personalized travel guide for exploring Italian cities. Get recommendations for attractions, restaurants, and events based on your interests and location. Use the app’s planning tool to organize your day and discover hidden gems tailored to your travel style.

tripit app logo

TripIt: Centralized Itinerary Management TripIt keeps all your travel plans in one place. Forward your booking emails to the app and access your detailed itinerary anytime. Utilize its sharing feature to keep family and friends informed of your plans and check for suggested attractions based on your itinerary.


xe app logo

XE Currency: Accurate Currency Conversion on the Go XE Currency provides real-time exchange rates, helping you manage your travel budget effectively. Track the Euro against your home currency and use the app to calculate prices while shopping or dining. For best results, update the rates before you go to access them offline.

Attractions: Italian Arts, Culture, and Tour Apps

rick steves audio europe logo

Rick Steves Audio Europe: Immersive Cultural Commentary Rick Steves Audio Europe offers insightful, self-guided tours of Italy’s top sights. It enriches your visit with historical and cultural context. Download tours before you go and use them offline to save data, and remember to bring headphones for a personal, immersive experience.

street art rome logo

StreetArtRome: Exploring Urban Artscapes StreetArtRome is your guide to Rome’s vibrant street art scene. Discover the stories behind murals and the artists who created them. Use the app to create your own street art walking tour and explore the city’s lesser-known neighborhoods where these colorful artworks thrive.

uffizzi gallery app logo

Uffizi Museum: The official app for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence is “Uffizi Art History Guide.” It offers detailed information about the museum’s vast collection, including high-resolution images and audio descriptions. Before visiting, download the app to familiarize yourself with the artworks and plan your route through the gallery to maximize your self guided tour with the masterpieces.

vatican museum app logo

Vatican Museums: The official app for the Vatican Museum provides a comprehensive guide to the extensive collections, including the Sistine Chapel. Use the app for detailed maps, audio guides, and information about the artworks and history of Vatican City. Plan your visit with the app to ensure you see all the highlights and navigate the museums efficiently.

mic rom logo

MiC Roma – Musei in Comune App: This is the official app for Rome’s municipal museums. It provides information, maps, and audio guides for various historic sites and museums. Before your visit, download the app to plan which exhibits to see and learn about museum hours, locations, and ticket prices. Use the audio guides for an enriching experience as you explore Rome’s rich history and art.

Hidden Italy: Hidden Italy is an app designed to unveil lesser-known treasures and secret spots across the country. It’s perfect for travelers looking to explore beyond the typical tourist destinations and immerse themselves in the hidden gems of Italy. Use the app to uncover off-the-beaten-path villages, walking tours, secluded beaches, quaint eateries, and unique local experiences. Read stories and tips from locals and fellow travelers, and plan your itinerary to include these special places.

localie app logo

Localie: Connect with Locals for Authentic Experiences Localie links you with local Italians who provide personalized tours and experiences. Discover hidden gems and enjoy authentic interactions. Use the app to find locals with similar interests, and book experiences or meet-ups to enrich your understanding of Italian culture and lifestyle.

GetYourGuide: Streamlined Adventure Planning GetYourGuide simplifies the process of finding and booking the best experiences in Italy. Take advantage of the app’s user-friendly interface to quickly compare tours, check availability, and secure your spot. Remember to save your tickets offline and use the app’s chat feature to communicate with your tour provider for a smooth, hassle-free adventure.


fivi app logo

FIVI – Federazione Italiana Vignaioli Indipendenti: The FIVI app connects you with independent winegrowers and vineyards across Italy. Explore local wines, plan vineyard visits, and attend wine-tasting events. Use the app to learn about different wine regions and make direct contact with producers for a truly authentic Italian wine experience.

michelin guide logo

Michelin Guide: Discovering Italy’s Culinary Excellence Michelin Guide is your companion to Italy’s best dining experiences. Discover top-rated restaurants and hidden gems, complete with reviews and ratings. Bookmark your must-visit eateries, and make reservations directly through the app to ensure a spot at some of Italy’s most sought-after tables.

the fork logo

The Fork: Dining Reservations and Discounts The Fork offers a wide selection of authentic Italian cuisine and restaurant listings with the added bonus of special offers. Read reviews, view menus, and book tables directly. Use the app to explore new dining experiences and enjoy discounts exclusive to The Fork users.

italy food decoder logo

Italian Food Decoder: Food Decoder helps you understand and translate Italian food menus into your language. Use it to explore Italian cuisine confidently, learn about ingredients, and make informed dietary choices. The app is particularly useful for travelers with allergies or specific dietary restrictions looking to enjoy Italy’s culinary delights safely.

zomato logo

Zomato: Zomato is a popular app for discovering restaurants and cafes worldwide, including in Italy. Browse menus, read reviews, and view photos to decide where to eat. Use the app to filter searches by cuisine, location, or rating, and bookmark your favorite spots for easy access during your trip.

deliveroo app logo

Deliveroo: Food Delivery at Your Fingertips Deliveroo connects you with a wide range of restaurants and food delivery options in Italy. Order local cuisine or international favorites right to your accommodation. Use the app to track your order in real-time and enjoy meals without leaving your comfortable spot.

Language + Communication Apps

Google Translate: Breaking the Language Barrier Google Translate is a vital tool for overcoming language challenges in Italy. It offers instant text and speech translation, making interactions seamless. Use the camera feature to read menus or signs and save key phrases for quick access during conversations with locals.

italian translator + logo

Italian Translator +: Reliable Language Translation Italian English Dictionary+ is a comprehensive language resource for travelers. It offers translations, verb conjugations, and pronunciation guides. Bookmark frequently used words and phrases, and practice using the app in conversations to enhance your language skills quickly.

itranslate translator logo

iTranslate Translator: Versatile Language Assistant
iTranslate is a versatile translation app that becomes your language assistant in Italy, supporting over 100 languages. Use it to translate text, websites, or start voice conversations. For added convenience, save frequently used translations and access them easily, ensuring smooth communication throughout your Italian journey.

duolingo app logo

Duolingo: Fun Language Learning on the Go Duolingo is an engaging way to learn Italian basics or brush up on your skills before and during your trip. Dedicate a few minutes daily to practice, use the app’s speaking exercises to improve your pronunciation, and compete in leagues to stay motivated and make learning a fun part of your travel prep.

whatsapp logo

WhatsApp: Essential Communication Tool WhatsApp is widely used in Italy for text and voice communication. Stay in touch with new friends, contact local services, or keep your travel group updated. Before your trip, ensure your contacts have your WhatsApp number, and use the app to make international calls over Wi-Fi without hefty fees.

The Best Accommodation Apps For Italy

tablet hotels logo

Tablet Hotels: Curated Selection of Unique Stays Tablet Hotels offers a handpicked selection of boutique and luxury accommodations. Find unique places to stay that add an extra touch of magic to your Italian journey. Read detailed reviews, view professional photos, and book directly through the app for a seamless experience.

plum guide

Plum Guide: Plum Guide carefully selects and lists only the top vacation homes in various destinations, including Italy. Use the app to book unique and high-quality accommodations. Read detailed reviews and view professional photographs to choose the perfect stay for your Italian getaway.

mr and mrs smith app logo

Mr & Mrs Smith: Boutique Hotel Finder: Mr & Mrs Smith is the go-to app for finding and booking Italy’s most charming boutique hotels. Use it to discover exclusive stays with verified reviews, ensuring a unique and stylish accommodation experience that adds an extra touch of luxury and character to your Italian getaway.

Nice To Have On-Hand Apps

medin action logo

MedinAction: MedinAction delivers on-demand medical services directly to your location in Italy. If you need non-emergency medical care, use the app to request a qualified English-speaking doctor to visit you. It’s a valuable resource for peace of mind, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the local healthcare system.

mobile passport logo

Mobile Passport: Smooth Airport Experience Mobile Passport streamlines your entry into the USA after visiting Italy. Complete your profile and answer questions in advance to skip the long lines at customs and immigration. Ensure your passport details are updated and use the iOS app at participating airports for a faster re-entry process.

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