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We're on a mission to uncover independent and sustainable at its finest.

Editoire is a trusted source for upscale travel on a deeper level. We’re passionate about discovering the finest places, stays, and activities that truly engage with the people and lands we visit. We believe that connection elevates our world, especially through travel. 


That’s why we’re on a mission to transform the way we think about travel through our publication. We’re the future of luxury travelthe hub where experiential and immersive tourism meets the highest standards. 


We help you travel better by: 


  • Featuring only the best of the best in all corners of the globe, from small, local businesses to stand-out industry leaders.
  • Highlighting distinctive, transformational, and singular experiences at home and abroad.
  • Recommending independent hotels, exclusive collections, and boutique accommodations


  • Celebrating sustainable and eco-friendly tourism that supports the local economy and environment. 

  • Maintaining journalistic integrity and an editorial standard.


We’re in the business of crafting an exceptional experience for our readers —starting with how you experience our online content. Here, you will find highly engaging, visual storytelling written by travel journalists, experts, and insiders to help you with all things travel. 


Our editorial team is just as serious about what we recommend. Our publication covers all facets of travel, including destination guides, restaurants & bars, stays, local advice & tips, and travel products. We’re ultra-selective about what we include. What you see in the magazine is what made the cut — exactly what we choose for our own travels and what makes the world a better place.


Thank you for trusting us. Welcome to our community of inspired travelers,  


The Editoire Team


P.S. We value feedback that helps us meet these standards. Reach out to hello@editoire.com if you spot anything we can do better. 

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