Let These 50 Instagram Travel Photographers Inspire Your Wanderlust

From up-and-coming visual storytellers to seasoned photojournalists, here are the 50 Instagram travel photographers to follow right now.

Travel photographers offer a window into new destinations and can have you browsing flights to places you never before thought to visit. Whether you’re looking to live vicariously through a photographer’s lens or you need some inspiration for your next trip, these 50 travel photography accounts of 2023 are the epitome of “Instagram-worthy.”

While each of these photographers has a wide range and unique style, we’ve categorized them by Travel & Adventure, Photojournalism, Luxury Travel, Global Cities & Towns, Landscapes, Daydreaming, For Foodies, and Across the US.

Travel & Adventure

Discover hidden wonders in all corners of the globe through the lens of these adventurous photographers.

Murad Osman | @muradosmann

Even if you haven’t seen Murad Osman and his wife Nataly Zakharova’s “Follow Me To” series, you’ve almost certainly seen the images it inspired. The photos feature Nataly holding Murad by the hand as she pulls him (and the viewer) to each new destination.

Chris Burkard | @chrisburkard

Chris Burkard’s aerial landscapes take a bird’s eye view of some of the world’s most stunning natural settings. Particularly well-known for his surf photography, he often photographs daring, thrilling activities, including high-lining and snowboarding. He also frequently features short clips that take you inside his artistic process.

Lucia Griggi | @luciagriggi

Lucia Griggi has an uncanny ability to evoke the character of the animals she encounters on her travels, from unimpressed owls on the Galápagos Islands to satisfied seals in Antarctica. She also often turns her attention to the ocean, capturing big waves and the surfers who dare to ride them.

Ben Richards | @benrich__

Ben Richards is a great follow if you’re looking for inspiration on distinctive places to stay, particularly across Asia. His main focus is Japan and he often features unique stays in cities outside the usual tourist route. Outside Japan, he’s also spent time in private villas in Vietnam and expansive resorts in Sri Lanka.

Joe Shutter | @joe_shutter

Joe Shutter leads expeditions with The Great Expedition Company, taking travelers into the freezing regions of Greenland, Svalbard, Iceland, and Antarctica. Along the way, he gets shots of orcas, arctic foxes polar bears in some of the most stunning natural landscapes in the world.

James Relf-Dyer | @jamesrelfdyer

James Relf-Dyer’s travel photography career began when he took a gap year to travel in 2016 and joined the Beautiful Destinations content team. Now flying solo, his photos emphasize the overwhelming scale of each setting as he hikes, drives and surfs his way to new destinations.

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andrew ling (@andrewling) • Instagram photos and videos

Andrew Ling | @andrewling

Andrew Ling frequently works with We Are Wilderness, a luxury travel company that promotes “low-volume high-value conservation tourism”. When he’s not featuring lions in Eastern Rwanda, he’s documenting the glacial landscapes of Antarctica or working with different brands to help you find the best travel products and experiences.

Tiffany Nguyen | @tiffpenguin

Tiffany Nguyen’s photos make you feel like you’re right there with her, as she travels from one paradise to the next. Budding travel photographers will enjoy her frequent insights into the tools and techniques she uses to get her best shots. (Her golden doodle Levi is worth a follow too).

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Alex Strohl (@alexstrohl) • Instagram photos and videos

Alex Strohl | @alexstrohl

Frenetic motion and tranquil stillness both feature in the breathtaking natural scenes captured by Alex Strohl. Along with these stunning shots, his frequent updates on Instagram Stories bring you deeper inside each location.

Johan Lolos | @lebackpacker

With a decade of travel photography experience behind him, Johan Lolos uses his Instagram to share his passion for travel, photography and wildlife conservation. When he’s not shooting breathtaking landscapes or wildlife portraits, he’s sharing photography tips on his podcast.  His unpublished and documentary-style work can be found at @johanlolos.

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Shane (@shanemichaelblack) • Instagram photos and videos

Shane Michael Black | @shanemichaelblack

Shane Michael Black’s travels have taken him from the snowy slopes of Iceland to the sunny shores of Fiji. Wherever he goes, the sky is often a prominent feature, whether he’s capturing a pink-hued sunset or a night full of stars.

Storytelling & Photojournalism

These photographers know exactly how to tell a visual story.

Julia  Eskins | @juliaeskins

Writing for outlets like National Geographic, Vogue and Travel + Leisure, Julia Eskins is never far from sunny skies and clear waters. She often covers luxury hotels and lesser-known destinations. Her Instagram features both awe-inspiring landscapes and relaxed holiday snaps that will have you planning your next island getaway.

Emmett Sparling | @emmett_sparling

With a background in fashion photography, Emmett Sparling’s cinematic style tells a story with each image. He frequently features different travel activities like skiing in Norway or hiking in Rio de Janeiro. Plus, he often provides extra information about each location and what it was like in the captions.

Steve McCurry | @stevemccurryofficial

Veteran photojournalist Steve McCurry has been featured in National Geographic numerous times (including ‘Afghan Girl,’ his famous 1984 portrait of Sharbat Gula). With a focus on people, his photos, whether portraits or candids, tell a story of the subject and their home.

Gregory Woodman | @gregorywoodman

With pale, soft tones, Gregory Woodman’s photos frequently take on an ethereal quality. Whether he’s photographing cascading waterfalls or candid portraits, his careful composition turns a single moment into an enduring narrative. White borders around each photo give them a distinct editorial feel.

Daniel James Clarke | @danflyingsolo

Writer and photographer Daniel James Clarke provide endless travel inspiration. His photography focuses on beautiful, historic buildings in cities and villages (particularly across Europe). In his captions and blogs, you’ll find more in-depth recommendations and personal experiences.

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Jarrad Seng (@jarradseng) • Instagram photos and videos

Jarrad Seng | @jarradseng

Jarrad Seng doesn’t limit himself to one style or subject. He believes that creativity comes from “pushing yourself out of your comfort zone into new terrain.” His work features people, landscapes, animals, and architecture from around the world, with a fresh perspective each time.

Luxury Travel

These travel photographers have the inside scoop on luxury hotels, exceptional design, and elite destinations.

Tanveer Badal | @tanveerbadal

From city candids to lush landscapes, Tanveer Badal tells a story through both his images and his captions. There is a quality of softness in his work that makes some photos almost feel like paintings. His architectural work, in particular, will have you pausing your morning scroll to stop and admire.

Danielle Greentree | @travel_a_little_luxe

Danielle Greentree provides plenty of luxury travel inspiration with her reels featuring the best luxury resorts, hotels, and destinations from around the world. Follow her from overwater villas in the Maldives to the best beach clubs in Croatia.

Stefan Thurairatnam | @stefanthurairatnam

If you’re not sure where to travel next, but you know you want it to be by the sea and all-inclusive, then Stefan Thurairatnam is the photographer to follow. He often travels with his partner @nxcvi__, so you’ll get all the inspiration you need for your next romantic getaway.

Nicole Trilivas | @nicoletrilivas

An expert on luxury hotels, Nicole Trilivas also writes about her experiences on vintage yachts in Athens and penthouse suites in Doha. With an emphasis on historical sights and experiences, she’ll take you on board old-school luxury trains and inside unique nighttime events at the Tower of London and Versailles.

Cities & Towns

Whether you’re after award-winners or symmetrical bliss, you’ll find all facets of urban life from these photographers.

Ryan Neevan | @neevenr

Ryan Neevan founded Doors of Italy, where simple shots of doors and doorways tell a story. From this, it’s easy to see that Neevan finds the character in buildings and streetscapes. He shoots on digital and film cameras with a strong focus on his favorite country, Italy, and its capital.

James Lloyd Cole | @jameslloydcole

The UK’s four seasons are captured beautifully through James Lloyd Cole’s photos of country houses and villages. Autumnal hues and misty backdrops make way to cottages covered in snow or creeping blooms of lavender and roses. Small cottages and grand castles are captured in equal glory.

James Mcdonald | @james_mcdonald_photography

While sweeping shots of scenic landscapes might have you browsing flights, unless you’re a hiker, you’re unlikely to spend your whole trip outdoors. James Mcdonald takes you inside hotels, museums, and houses from around the world. With an eye for symmetry and balance, he brings each spot to life in its own way.

Lauren Carey | @girlgoneabroad

For each gorgeous picture and reel of Amsterdam’s canals or the Taj Mahal, Lauren Carey also gives her followers travel tips and tricks. Plus, she’ll often give you the inside line on exactly where and when to go if you want to see that moment in person.

Caitlin Morton | @caitlinmorton23

Caitlin Morton finds beautiful, colorful things wherever she goes. Her travels have taken her from the Irish countryside to the cobblestone streets of Helsinki, always captured in vibrant detail. The snaps of her cat and dog (occasional travel companions) are the icing on the cake.

Raphael Metivet | @raphaelmetivet

You probably don’t need anyone to convince you that Paris is beautiful, but Raphael Metivet is here to remind you of the city’s grandeur with each new post. He can also give you the inside line on some of Paris’ best-hidden gems and inspiration for other French destinations.

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Beyza M. (@bmseventh) • Instagram photos and videos

​​Beyza M | @bmseventh

Whether it’s the sun shining through a temple in Luxor or a bright yellow mansion in Mérida, Beyza’s travel photos are always warm and vibrant. She mostly highlights beautiful building exteriors, and charming city streets. Occasionally, she heads to the great outdoors to capture lush coastlines and foggy mountains.

Kiersten Rich | @theblondeabroad

A companion Instagram account to the award-winning travel blog, Kierstan Rich (a.k.a Kiki) started The Blonde Abroad to provide inspiration and guides for female solo travellers. Now a mom to baby Oliver, she’s gone from inspiring solo jet setters to showcasing the potential for young families to travel.

Vibrant Landscapes

These photographers excel at capturing expansive landscapes from desert sands to mountain views to anything in between.

Jord Hammond | @jordhammond

With an eye for patterns and repetition, textures spring to life in Jord Hammond’s snaps from around the world. Where some travel photographers look for clear sunny days, Hammond’s work features foggy, cloudy days that evoke a moody, mysterious atmosphere.

Lauren Bath | @laurenepbath

Labeled “Australia’s first professional Instragrammer” Lauren Bath frequently works with brands and tourism boards to bring travelers’ attention to new destinations and attractions. Wide landscapes and up close flora and fauna shots are brought to life in immersive detail and vibrant color.

Brendan Van Son | @brendanvanson

Brendan Van Son was a tour guide and travel writer before focusing on travel photography. His snaps of sweeping coastlines and mountain lakes are the perfect inspiration for your next beach vacation or camping trip. He also vlogs his travels and reviews the latest camera gear.

Sanjay Chauhan | @jayeffex

Sanjay Chauhan brings a distinct mood to each forest, mountain, and city he photographs. Sometimes it’s a calm and contemplative winter landscape and sometimes autumn leaves burst to life with a vibrant energy.

Ali Olfat | @ali_olfat

Ali Olfat’s photography is a breathtaking fusion of art and storytelling. With an impeccable eye for composition and a keen sense of capturing emotions, Olfat’s work transcends the boundaries of traditional photography. Each image holds a powerful narrative, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world where beauty and meaning intertwine harmoniously.

Matt Donovan | @itsworthashot

Matt Donovan’s photos emphasize the sheer size and scale of the natural settings he explores. When human subjects are featured, they are overwhelmed by mountains, trees, and skies. If you’re dreaming of getting lost, these images are sure to get you there.

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Adrienne Pitts (@hellopoe) • Instagram photos and videos

Adrienne Pitts | @hellopoe

An elephant leaving the frame, the blurred weave of thread on a loom, Adrienne Pitts’ photos capture brief moments in time. She photographs stunning natural landscapes, but there is often slight intrusion of humans or animals, bringing motion into the calm stillness.

Elia Locardi | @elialocardi

Landscapes and cityscapes are the backbone of Elia Locardi’s Instagram, often shot underneath a radiant sky at sunset or sunrise. His Moments in Time travel series documents destinations across several countries and provides insight into his photography process.

Max Rive | @maxrivephotography

Many of Max Rive’s photos wouldn’t look out of place on the cover of an epic fantasy novel. Rive himself describes his style as “dramatic and creative.” His photos draw you into dark, misty countryside landscapes that will have you digging your hiking boots out of the closet.

Ethereal and Atmospheric

These photographers’ dreamscapes live somewhere between fairytales and reality.

Emilie Ristevski | @helloemilie

Emilie Ristevski captures winding country roads and snowy Alps in soft, pastel shades that evoke an almost dreamlike atmosphere. She finds the beauty in every moment and is always looking for ways to “conserve and capture the things that often go unseen.”

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Karl Ndieli (@karl_shakur) • Instagram photos and videos

Karl Shakur | @karl_shakur

Karl Shakur uses motion, creative editing, and vibrant colors to transport you into his photos. They always have a cinematic feel, conveying adventure, romance and solitude. His reels also bring you deeper into each destination and moment that he captures.

Lisa Michele Burns | @the_wanderinglens

Fairytale-esque shades of pastel pinks, purples, and oranges bring a unique perspective to Lisa Michele Burns’ work. She emphasizes the texture and natural beauty of sand dunes, sea, and sky.

Daniel Kordan | @danielkordan

With a background in painting, the inspiration he draws from impressionists and Dutch masters is apparent in Daniel Kordan’s dream-like photos. He avoids strong saturation and sharp lines. Instead, he creates soft, mellow images with minimal post-processing. He teaches his techniques in a Lightroom Masterclass.

Marta Heine-Geldern | @voyage_provocateur

Looking to find the “places between dreams and reality,” Marta Heine-Geldern aims to inspire your next trip around the globe. With photos and reels of bustling markets and deep blue lagoons, she features lesser-known destinations and looks at hotspots through a new lens.

Food From Around The Globe

If food drives your travel decisions, these Instagram photographers are for you.

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Joann Pai (@sliceofpai) • Instagram photos and videos

Joanne Pai | @sliceofpai

Joanne Pai’s page lives up to the pun in her username, featuring food from across Europe. Her feed offers pictures of delicious meals and gives you the inside line on new restaurants and cafés. Paris is her area of expertise, but she also highlights destinations throughout Europe.

Andrea Nuñez | @andreannu

Andrea Nuñez focuses on the little moments in travel: half-eaten croissants, flowers sold at markets and the ‘cheers-ing’ of a wine glass after a long day. Shots of unique shop fronts and beautiful floor tiles will inspire you to consider those moments in between each beach or bucket-list attraction.

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Lau Škec (@lauskec) • Instagram photos and videos

Lau Škec | @lauskec

Based in the Cayman Islands, Lau Škec frequently works with restaurants to feature their best dishes and inviting interiors. The rest of the time, she’s shooting burnt-sky sunsets or jetting off to cozy villages in Europe’s countryside.

Nataša Pavlović | @lostinluxembourg

Food and travel photographer Nataša Pavlović focuses on the unique tasty treats and city streets of her home. Even if you aren’t planning a trip to Luxembourg, you can enjoy the tastes of the country by following her recipes for pretzels, Christmas cookies and kiflice.

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Isma H.V. (@iharvera) • Instagram photos and videos

Isma H.V | @iharvera

If you’re dreaming of sipping coffee on a Madrid sidewalk or enjoying a meal with a view in Majorca, then check out Granada-based photographer Isma H.V. He also features cluttered boutique bookstores, menswear, and cozy bakeries.

Across the United States

These photographers capture Americana from coast to coast.

Shannon Hammond | @photobyshannon

New England-based photographer Shannon Hammond showcases the most beautiful country houses and streets in Rhode Island and across the region. New England’s beautiful fall foliage and spring blossoms draw travelers every year. See them from afar and get the inside scoop on where to go if you’re visiting the area.

Michael Matti | @michaelmatti

Sweeping sand dunes in Nevada and towering waterfalls in Oregon are just some of the stunning landscapes Michael Matti brings to life. With a focus on outdoor photography, Michael currently documents his travels around the United States in a van with his wife Priya and their German Shepherd Atlas.

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PHIL (@philngyn) • Instagram photos and videos

Phil Nguyen | @philngyn

Cool and atmospheric, Phil Nguyen’s travel photos evoke an epic, cinematic feel. With the occasional international trip to Iceland or Korea, he mostly focuses on destinations in the United States. From Yosemite to New York City, he’ll have you planning your next cross-country road trip in no time.

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