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The Best Surfboard Bags For Airline Travelers

Rest assured. These bags will keep your board safe and make it super easy to transport your precious cargo through that busy terminal.

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Whether you’re jetting off to a luxury surf resort in Costa Rica or headed to your not-so-local break for a day trip, traveling with your surfboard means balancing style, functionality, and extra protection—especially when you’re entrusting your precious cargo to an airline.

To ensure you travel in comfort and style, we’ve selected a range of the best surf travel bags that are more than your everyday surfboard socks (although we do love the Creatures of Leisure Deluxe Stretch Sock). These bags are crafted to provide superior protection for your surfboard with ease of movement in mind.

Here’s what we looked for when selecting this list:

  • Protection: Extra protection with at least 6mm padding
  • Mobility: Ease of day-to-day use and terminal transport
  • Quality: High-quality materials and construction
  • Multiple Boards: Internal dividers to separate multiple boards
  • Cost: Reasonable price for the product with free shipping

From day board bags with additional padding to luxurious coffin bags with internal dividers for long trips, here is our selection of the best surfboard travel bags.

Pro-Lite Wheeled Coffin Bag

This stylish bag boasts 10-inch side walls that let you pack up to four 6’6” to 8’0” boards, while offering additional pockets to store your fins, leashes, and wax. The outside compression straps securely hold your boards, while the lower third of the bag’s sliders offer exceptional rigidity to ensure the wheels can roll easily. However, this rigidity means storing the bag may pose some challenges, as it cannot be folded into a compact package.

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Pro-Lite Smuggler (2 + 1 Boards)

This premium surfboard bag comes in four sizes: 6’0″, 6’3″ 6’6′”, and 6’10”. Its best feature? The false bottom for hiding a third board to (hopefully) be able to sneak past airline fees. The polyester exterior and 10mm extra padding ensure your boards are protected during long journeys. The only thing to remember is that while the bag is naturally water-resistant, it’s not 100% waterproof. It may also be too bulky to use as a day board bag.

Db Bunker 3-4 Surfboard Coffin

This luxurious bag is a masterpiece, crafted from recycled fabrics and featuring patented Ribcage technology that keeps your boards safe. With adjustable compartments that can fit up to four shortboards, this bag is perfect for the avid surfer on the go—however, it can’t accommodate boards over 6’6”. The bag features a rolling storage system that makes it convenient to store when empty, along with plenty of interior pockets and stash areas for your fins, wax, and other essentials. It might just be the perfect surfboard bag.

Pro-Lite Rhino

This sleek and lightweight travel bag offers extra board protection for one or two 6’3″ to 7’6 boards” and is perfect for a quick trip. Its slim construction belies its sturdy additional padding, with 10mm of foam reinforcement at the nose for unbeatable cushioning. The corrosion-resistant zipper ensures long-lasting durability, while the outer pocket is perfect for storing wetsuits and accessories. The Rhino Travel Bag is a reliable go-to choice for wide and fish-style boards.

Dakine World Traveler

Experience the thrill of adventure with the Dakine World Traveler. This surf bag offers the ultimate protection for your 8’6″ or 9’6″ board with 3/4-inch sidewall padding and internal dividers for up to four boards. If you’re traveling with friends, choose the Dakine Tour Regulator for storing up to eight surfboards.

FCS Travel 2 All-Purpose Bag

Designed for easy travel, this double-board bag features a 10mm foam body, 5mm extra padding, and marine-grade zippers. Lightweight and durable, the cover provides a layer of extra protection against impact, a water-resistant shield, and an added barrier. It’s the perfect travel companion for board lengths of 6’1″ to 7’1″.

Wave Tribe Hurricane Chaser Travel

Made with recycled nylon and hemp, this eco-friendly bag keeps your board cooler than traditional bags. A heavy-duty YKK zipper, padded shoulder strap, and breathable hemp make for thoughtful features. Inside, 25mm extra padding, a board separator, and an accessories pocket ensure extra protection. Choose between nine sizes from 6’2″ to 9’6″.

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Ocean & Earth Double Compact

With shock-absorbing 10mm foam and four layers of extra protection, your wide or shortboards will be safe on even the bumpiest of rides. The slim cover fits snugly, reducing the bag weight and allowing you to take up to two shortboards with a length of 6’0″, 6’4″, 6’8″, or 7’2″.

Quicksilver Expedition Global Traveler

Crafted with Diamond Deluxe fabric, this bag offers 10mm foam padding, tarpaulin lining, and a detachable shoulder strap, making it ideal for extensive travel. The expandable fin gusset can fit up to four 6’8” boards, while the extra space pocket keeps your essentials safe on your next long surf trip.

Creatures of Leisure Fish Double

Featuring Diamond-Tech fabric, this Certified B Corp bag provides extra protection for boards from 5’10” to 7’1″. The innovative material ensures your board stays dry, while 5mm closed cell foam extra padding keeps it secure. Its mesh-lined shoulder strap makes travel easy, whether you’re doing a short trip or an international surf trip.

Channel Islands Travel Light Coffin

This bag is a game changer, boasting wheels and a lightweight design that won’t weigh you down. With 20mm padding and protection for the nose and tail, you can fit up to three 6’1” to 7’0” boards with ease. While it’s the lightest of the group, this may compromise on protection.

The Best Surfboard Bag Runners Up


Mission Surfboard Bag: Looking for a lightweight travel bag for hybrid boards? This one’s our favorite. 10mm foam padding ensures that it can easily step in for extended travel. It features internal storage for your fins and exterior pockets for extra organization.

Curve Boost Travel Longboard Single: This travel bag is made for both day-to-day use and long surf trips. Its heavy-duty, water-resistant cover with 20mm nose and tail protection makes it ideal for longboards from 7’6” to 12’2”.

FK Surf Wheelie Travel Cover: Protect your surfboards with an ultra-lightweight and waterproof cover featuring 10mm padding, adjustable shoulder straps, multiple carry handles, and YKK zippers. It’s a great choice for keeping your cargo safe with its “fragile” message printed directly on the ultra-lightweight, ultrahelix fabric. Available in sizes 6’3″ to 7’2″.

Needessentials Single Hybrid Travel: Perfect for travel and day trips, the Needessentials Hybrid Travel bag can store boards of 7’2” and 8’0”. It also boasts water-repellent fabric with 8mm foam padding.

Dakine Daylight Hybrid Surfboard Bag: This padded hybrid bag is meant for storage during off-season and day use. With its 6.5mm of foam padding, plus heat and water resistance, it’s an affordable day bag option for daily use and short car trips. Check out Noserider for their longboard bag option.  

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